About Us

Welcome to Mami Says, a heartfelt venture brought to life by two sisters, Jessica and Monica, from vibrant Miami. Our journey as Cuban-Americans inspires a unique blend of cultures that permeates our brand, dedicated to mothers and babies, with a sprinkle of Hispanic heritage that makes our products distinctively charming.

At Mami Says, we champion the beauty and challenges of motherhood, embracing a breastfeeding-first ethos while holding space for all feeding choices. Our philosophy is rooted in compassion and understanding, recognizing the diverse paths and decisions of motherhood without judgment. We celebrate every mother's journey.

Our values are deeply feminist and family-oriented, reflecting a balance of respect for tradition and the empowerment of modern motherhood. We stand for respecting our elders and cherishing old-school wisdom, while also asserting our right to make informed, contemporary choices for our families. Tradition and innovation walk hand in hand at Mami Says, where intergenerational respect meets the courage to adapt and evolve.

Mami Says is more than just a name; it's a testament to the power of maternal wisdom passed down through generations. It embodies the moments we lean on the advice of our mothers and grandmothers, and the times we gently guide them to respect the new boundaries and values we set for our children. "What Mami says goes!"—a phrase that captures our reverence for the past and our commitment to shaping the future of family dynamics.

Join us on this beautiful journey of motherhood, where every product and piece of advice carries the warmth of family, the strength of femininity, and the vibrant spirit of our Cuban-American heritage. Together, let's embrace the wisdom of generations and the innovative spirit of modern motherhood.

Welcome to Mami Says – where tradition meets today with love, respect, and a little rebellion.